A Moment in Time


"Driven by a passion for travel, my goal is to capture a still image that accurately conveys the spirit and drama of the landscape: the weather, the light, and the subject matter. While mostly I work to transform these variables into a powerful experience, I thrive in the fleeting moments when the elements of a great photo fall into place naturally. Photography has given me a deeper appreciation for these elements, and a profound respect for the mystical forces of nature that allow such harmony to occur." "My photographs are intended to be both contemplative and meditative; my goal is to evoke emotion and awareness by presenting the power of nature, while allowing us to marvel at its simple beauty. My images capture a fleeting moment in time, never to be seen again. They present a dichotomy of nature’s harmony: subtle, understated beauty one moment; bold and intimidating power the next. From this passion is born a portfolio of photographs showcasing strength, purity, and deceiving simplicity. Each photograph tells a story, but that story can only be realized through personal introspection and the awakening of one’s own senses, experiences, and awareness."


Chris Moore was born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana. His fondness of travel began in his childhood, spending summers exploring the National Parks. After many years of roaming the world with a point and shoot camera, Chris's experiences evolved into an interest in serious landscape photography, where he continues to work at capturing the essence and spirit of nature. Moore's style is unmistakable: his photographs are bold and powerful. His portfolio effectively combines the amazing light of majestic landscapes with the serene, and sometimes deceiving, simplicity of nature. Collectors from around the world marvel at the evocative nature of his photographic prints, with the energy of nature's fleeting moments inviting an examination beyond what the two-dimensional medium of a print shows the casual viewer. An avid athlete, Chris continues to travel far and wide in search of nature's magic, and invites his viewers to share his experiences.

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