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Ever wonder why jaw-dropping prints you see in a gallery lack that luminous, almost backlit, quality when you display them at home? Displaying your print properly is essential for your investment in one of our prints, and in capturing the attention of those who view it.

If you like what you see on your computer monitor, a print will have you mesmerized. Our prints have a unique polyester base that give an incredible gloss and creates a depth and dimensionality with colors so rich and deep, they have to be seen to be believed. They have an incredible luminous quality in the proper lighting; the color and detail emerge in 3D from the depths of the image and literally jump off the print.

Of course, how you frame and display your print is entirely up to you. But I can tell you that what truly makes a fine art print spectacular is pairing it with acrylic. Acrylic face mounted photographs have a vibrance and depth without equal, and are true exhibition quality. Prints are made using proprietary Lumachrome HD printing, with prints mounted to a crystal clear 1/8" acrylic sheet which transmits light beautifully and adds three dimensionality to the image. The print "floats" off the wall by means of a komatex backer and subframe, ready for hanging. You really have to see this with your own eyes to believe how spectacular the presentation really is.

Proper lighting is also essential in displaying your print. Ideally, use track lighting with MR16 halogen bulbs to directly illuminate the surface and bring the print to life! While track lighting like this is not essential, remember, these papers are known for their depth in reflecting light, so direct lighting is very important. Furthermore, the lighting used to illuminate the print should be more prominent than the ambient lighting in the room. Matching the predominant colors of the print with wall color is a great way to accent a room; neutral wall colors such as a neutral gray or white work as well.

While Canvas and Metal Prints are popular products, a Fine Art Print with an acrylic face mount has far superior deep, rich color, vibrance, and depth; for these reasons, it is the standard choice for fine art galleries around the world.

A large acrylic face mounted print is the best way to display my work, and is true exhibition quality, whether for the gallery in New York, or in your home.

I have printed photos for clients over 90 inches, and can accomodate most any size request. I have found that prints between 36 and 60 inches on the long end produce the most captivating presentations. I offer Acrylic Face Mounted Prints as a custom order, and will work with you to produce a print that reflects your investment.

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