A Moment in Time

Introducing: Framing for Acrylic Mounted Prints

by Exploring Light Photography

New and stunning ways to display your fine art prints

After years of popular demand, I am pleased to offer framing options for larger (>18 inches) Lumachrome HD acrylic facemounted prints. The acrylic mounted print is lined with a 3" linen liner and framed in a 4" ROMA Hand Made Italian Tabbachino Dark Ash Frame. This presentation accentuates the art work, and the finished product is simply amazing. This is truly the ultimate way to display your fine art print.

The frame has a wood venee finish, with a width of 4", height of 2", and rabbet height of 3/4". This adds a total of 14 inches in both directions to any print size.

My most popular option is the Dark Ash color (pictured), but I also offer the options below to accomodate different decor.

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